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How to Ensure Your Experience With Your Recruiter is Successful

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Professional engineering recruiters are a great way to amplify an engineering job search. Partnering with an expert recruiter means plugging into their connections and increasing the odds of finding the job that’s truly right for you. However, it is important to remember that the experience is a two-way street. You must give if you want… Read more »

3 Things You Should Remove From Your Resume Immediately

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Resume advice often focuses on what you should include in the document, but it is equally important to consider the things you should not include. Unnecessary information takes up valuable space and distracts hiring managers from the most important information they need to make a decision about interviewing you. Here are three things you should… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Workforce for New Engineers

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It is always exciting when new engineers join your team. Those engineers can breathe life into a project, they may ignite a feeling of friendly competition among your existing team and they can help you move towards your goals. However, there can be some bumps in the road. There will always be some veteran staff… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Industrial Engineer

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Industrial engineers help companies move more efficiently. They reduce waste and maximize output using engineering principles, technology, industry knowledge, product requirements, and safety methods. Industrial engineers may also be involved in improving management methods and quality control. Depending on the job responsibilities of the engineer, they may work both in an office and in the… Read more »

Five Top Skills of Engineering Project Managers

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Behind the scenes of any major engineering project lies a project manager. These professionals are responsible for keeping projects moving forward on time and on budget. They are the team leaders, keeping everyone focused on their goals and helping them overcome snags from day one to the day the project closes. If you are interested… Read more »

How to Get Your Resume Thrown in the Trash

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Your resume is arguably the most important document you’ll ever create. It will make or break your chances of getting a job interview and ultimately, growing your career. Hiring managers do not have a lot of time, and experienced pros can look at a resume and decide within mere seconds whether the resume goes in… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Transportation Engineer

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Transportation Engineers design new transportation infrastructure like highways, airports, railways and more. These critical professionals are responsible for analyzing data and solving problems related to traffic flow, costs, hazards, etc. They are often tasked with collaborating with government agencies, utility companies and other engineering firms. These engineering professionals work both in an office setting and… Read more »

Should You Get Your PE?

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The Professional Engineer (PE) license is not required, for engineers but it helps them prove their skills and expertise, allows them to advance higher up the ladder, boosts marketability – and often boosts salary. But becoming a PE is no easy feat. It takes a great deal of time, money and resources, which leaves many… Read more »

Interviewing for Soft Skills

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When evaluating engineering candidates, technical skills are the highest priority. However, soft skills should be of equal importance. While you can teach someone a new software program or a best practice, you can’t teach them how to think critically, act with confidence, read other people’s emotions or change their deep-rooted values. Someone who checks off… Read more »

Make Your Engineering Resume Stand out From Your Competition

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Competition for engineering jobs is fierce, and hiring managers are inundated with resumes for a single open role. Giving stacks of resumes a close read simply isn’t practical, and many hiring managers make snap decisions about whether to put a resume on the “yes” pile or toss it into the circular file. Here are some… Read more »