We don’t send a civil engineer when you need a mechanical engineer.

With a typical staffing agency, you don’t necessarily get what you asked for. That’s because they don’t understand your field like we do.

Selectek, Inc. has established itself over the past three decades as a leader in providing the highest qualified professionals in the engineering and technology fields. You’ll never have to worry about us guessing if a person is suited for the job at hand. We know your tech industry. And we’ll save you time and money by providing top staffing solutions the first time out.

Selectek’s many advantages include:

  • Getting you the right expert, prescreened and ready to roll to help you increase productivity and boost profit.
  • Offering you a ready supply of top talent at a moment’s notice with no stress or lost time.
  • Helping you find and place the high-demand, hard-to-find tech professionals you need.
  • Ensuring you accomplish mission-critical objectives now, not later, to benefit your bottom line.

All our candidates also undergo intensive screening prior to interviewing, including:

  • Drug testing
  • Background checks
  • E-Verify and I-9 filing (Dept. of Homeland Security)

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Looking for the highest qualified professionals in the engineering and technology fields? We’ll help you find the right people you want faster.

We’ll place you with companies that need your exact expertise and experience and that appreciate you coming to work with them.

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