Consistency, quality and commitment. It starts from the top down. Our team at Selectek lives these qualities day in and day out, to provide you with a superior experience.

Wendy Colaiacovo

Through her commitment to both the candidates and the clients, Wendy knows how to make powerful staffing connections as a technical recruiter. Originally from Long Island, Wendy relocated to Atlanta during the preparations for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. After earning her bachelor’s degree in education, Wendy began a career in child care center management. She later transitioned to technical recruiting for Selectek and consistently cares for our candidates and clients through relationship building and expertise. After almost two decades with Selectek, Wendy knows how to relate to our engineers and help them find the best fit. During her time off, Wendy is a triathlete and an avid runner.

Tony Harvey

With almost two decades of service with Selectek, the only people with more years in the company than Tony are the owners. After studying business management at Penn State, Tony moved to Georgia and began his professional career with Selectek through a local alumni chapter. Tony has used his many years of experience as a technical recruiter to learn the ins and outs of engineering. His incredible knowledge helps Selectek find jobs for even the most specialized engineer. Out of the office, Tony can be seen around Atlanta running in local races, lifting weights or taking off from Hartsfield-Jackson to travel.

Fred Mancini

As part of Selectek’s leadership team, Fred brings together his expertise in staffing and his managerial talents to guide our Roswell branch. Raised in England, Fred found his way to Atlanta after spending time in Ohio, where he earned a degree in psychology from Miami University. He began his career with Selectek in an entry-level recruiting position, moving to account manager, and is currently serving as branch manager. With almost two decades of experience at Selectek alone, it’s an understatement to say Fred knows what our clients need and how to lead our team toward success. When Fred is not motivating and teaching our staff, he likes to run and is an avid sports fan.

Dave Michaud

After almost a decade at Selectek, Dave has the know-how to serve our clients as an account manager. Originally from New Jersey, Dave found the staffing industry by pure luck. After a move down south and time spent in Columbia, SC earning a degree in psychology at the University of South Carolina, Dave found himself in Atlanta hoping to learn new things. Selectek presented the perfect opportunity, and Dave quickly moved from technical recruiter to account manager. After hours and on weekends, Dave is a craft beer connoisseur; he loves tasting new brews across Atlanta’s pub scene, at live music festivals, or while watching the Yankees or the Jets play.

Kathie Staub

Although Kathie didn’t start out in the staffing industry, this is where she belongs. Born in Indiana and raised in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Kathie studied pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island and pursued an MBA in hospital administration at Eastern University in Philadelphia. She married Lyle in 1984 and became acquainted with the staffing industry through his endeavors, working as a pharmacist in hospitals and home healthcare for almost twenty years. She combined her superior administrative experience with Lyle’s staffing background and co-founded what is now known as Selectek in 1990. Since then, Kathie has been guiding Selectek as part of the corporate leadership team, serving now as Selectek’s President and CEO. It’s safe to say that without Kathie at the helm, Selectek would not be the growing company it is today. When Kathie takes a break from the office, she enjoys spending time with her family at the lake or traveling to new places.

Lyle Staub

If anyone knows staffing from the ground up, it’s Lyle Staub. Originally from Philadelphia, Lyle attended St. Francis University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in accounting. After college, Lyle pursued a professional career in staffing as a technical recruiter for TAC. Within two years, he was promoted to account manager, and within six years, Lyle accepted a position as branch manager in Southfield, Michigan. He left Michigan and TAC behind for an opportunity to work with Yoh as a branch manager in Atlanta. Three years later, Lyle started Allen and Wright Services with his wife Kathie and friend Charles Chaney. In 1995, Allen and Wright became Selectek, Inc., providing Lyle with the perfect platform to grow an engineering staffing company from its roots with the knowledge and experience he had gained over the years. As Selectek’s director of operations, Lyle has a unique perspective on every aspect of the business, having played each part for several years himself. When he isn’t pouring over spreadsheets, Lyle can be found enjoying SEC and ACC football as well as Braves baseball – three things worth making the move from Michigan.