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Based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, our firm has been in business since 1991. We’ve always had a unique understanding of engineering and its related technology disciplines. And our experience in the industry has made us adept at discerning what our clients really need, and what short- and long-term solutions will ensure success.

We don’t believe in or practice trial-and-error approaches to staffing. Selectek is about consistency, quality and commitment. That’s why we’re trusted more than most, and have established relationships with companies across the Southeast to provide their professional staffing solutions.

We create mutual understanding and a true relationship with our clients.

Choose to work with us and we’ll do a comprehensive survey of your organization and its requirements.

We will ask about your mission, vision and corporate culture.
We consider it our duty and differentiation to match you with talented professionals we’ve hand selected for your organization and its exact needs and “personality.” Nothing else will do. Not for you. And not for us.

Learn more about the Selectek Difference:

Selectek exists to provide our clients with quality staffing solutions and to offer our candidates career-advancing opportunities.

Selectek will be, through a mutual collaboration with clients and candidates, their most trusted and valued technical staffing partner.

Not only do we understand the ins and outs of our customers’ industry, we also know how best to use this information to everyone’s benefit. Our expertise makes us confident, prepared, and reliable. Our innate awareness and cultivated knowledge guarantees the quality of our services.

Success to Selectek is a useful contribution to society in general and our community in particular. We are only successful when our customers are successful.

The core value and means of success for Selectek is connecting people. We search out a need, be it for an employee or for a job, and we help fulfill that need. We are not useful if we do not connect people in meaningful ways.

Selectek is a member of the American Staffing Association, which promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices for the staffing industry.

All employees at Selectek are certified by the American Staffing Association through the Certified Staffing Professional® and Technical Services Certified℠ programs. ASA certification programs help our employees:

  • Protect the rights of our candidates and employees
  • Avoid missteps that could result in costly legal proceedings
  • Add value to our business relationships by demonstrating commitment to our clients
  • Make clients aware of their co-employment obligations and responsibilities
  • Expand our knowledge of the industry and elevate our professionalism
  • Gain professional recognition for demonstrating knowledge of federal and state labor and employment law

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We’ll place you with companies that need your exact expertise and experience and that appreciate you coming to work with them.

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