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Engineering Job Options: Maintenance Technician

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The job of a maintenance technician can be varied, but they are typically tasked with the routine maintenance and troubleshooting of mechanical equipment. In regulated industries like medical devices, they must keep detailed documentation of their work to ensure compliance. Maintenance technicians are required to keep machinery operational and ensure that a business is achieving… Read more »

Networking for Engineers

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As a professional engineer, you likely understand the importance of networking. However, if you’re simply attending a few events a year and calling your efforts a success, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Today, effective networking includes an online strategy. Social Networking Is Not a Fad You might have been able to get away with… Read more »

What Are Employers Looking for in Top Talent?

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Based on the requirements listed in a job description, you will always have a good idea of how well you align with an employer’s skill-based needs. However, today’s companies are looking for more than just technical skills when hiring engineers. They are also looking for a wide set of less-tangible traits that impact success, and… Read more »

Does Your Elevator Pitch Make You Shine?

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and a strong elevator pitch is critical for promoting yourself and setting the right tone in interviews and networking situations. An elevator pitch that makes you shine will help you maximize every professional introduction. What to Include in an Elevator Pitch You can take… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Civil Engineer

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Civil engineering is a vast field that covers all manner of infrastructure. Civil engineers work on things like roads, buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, airports, sewer infrastructure and water infrastructure.  These professionals work in a traditional office setting but spend plenty of time visiting their project sites. In some cases, they may work remotely on-site depending… Read more »

Be the Top Engineering Candidate

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Today’s engineering job market is competitive. Hiring managers can be overwhelmed with talented people vying for their open roles. It is necessary to make every effort to create a lasting, positive impression on the hiring manager and to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Here are strategies you can use to stand out and be the… Read more »

Simple Interview Mistakes That May be Costing You the Job

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Interviews can be tricky situations. You may be extremely qualified for a position, have done your homework and be feeling confident; then you don’t hear back, and you’re left wondering what went wrong. According to Vicky Oliver, author of 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions, research shows most interviews go south because of simple… Read more »

Are You Losing Great Candidates to Your Competitors?

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Losing candidates to competitors is frustrating – and expensive. Investing time and resources in someone who accepts a job elsewhere can set back your search by weeks, or even months. If this has happened to your team on more than a few occasions, the problem likely rests with your hiring process. These are the most… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: CAD Designer

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CAD designers are an integral part of engineering teams in manufacturing, construction, industrial and civil projects. Typically, CAD designers and drafters are responsible for creating the plans that engineers and staff will use to build a project. They are given codes and requirements for the project and they use that information to bring the lead… Read more »

Preparing for Situational Interview Questions as an Engineer

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Situational interviews are very similar to behavioral interviews in the sense the hiring manager will ask you to address specific situations you have previously experienced on the job. Interviewers like situational questions because they provide a window into the way you approach challenges on the job. Use these tips to prepare for a situational interview… Read more »