What Can You Do If Your Job Doesn’t Challenge You?

Burnout is typically associated with working too hard for too long. However, you can also experience burnout from boredom at work. When you aren’t being challenged enough, it’s easy to feel miserable about getting up and going to work every day. Before you throw in the towel or complain to your boss, here are some things to consider.

Before Talking to Your Boss, Take Inventory

Don’t ask for more challenging work until you take stock of where things stand with your boss. If you have been underperforming or are in any way on shaky ground, it’s probably not wise to ask for more challenging projects. However, if you have a good rapport with your boss and have a reputation for being a reliable team player, a conversation with your boss likely won’t hurt you.

Remember, your ability to negotiate is always greater when you are a valued member of the team. A great time to ask for more work is immediately after being recognized for an accomplishment – it’s always easier to ride a wave than to swim against the current.

Consider Challenging Yourself

If it’s not a great time to ask for more challenging work, or if you do ask and your boss turns you down, there are ways to challenge yourself:

  • Set your own project goals: If a project is due in a week, challenge yourself to get it done in three days. This will force you to stay focused and to work harder. For each project, push yourself to do a little better than the last. This will drive you to do more, limit procrastination and will build your reputation as a reliable member of the team.
  • Help someone else: There is no reason to sit around bored when other people are struggling. Get your work done, then step in to help others with their work. There is always something that needs to be done, and people will appreciate your willingness to lend a hand.
  • Tackle a project no one wants to do: While re-organizing team files might not be the most thrilling task, tasks like these are always available. Stepping up and doing the tasks no one else wants to do will help you pass the time and show your boss you are willing to pitch in, even on tasks that are not technically your job.

Knowing When It’s Time to Move On

If your boss isn’t supporting you in taking on new responsibilities, it could be time to move on to a job that challenges you.

If it is time to move on, an engineering recruiter can help with your search by matching you to employers who will challenge you. If you are an engineer seeking new job opportunities and you want to put an expert in your corner, contact the Atlanta engineering recruiters at Selectek today.