Engineering Job Options: Structural Engineer

Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that focuses on the design and construction of large buildings and structures. The job of a structural engineer job is to ensure the end results meet client expectations while being able to withstand environmental stress and pressure.

The specific duties of a structural engineer can be vast and varied. They analyze architectural blueprints and topographical data, calculate all potential environmental stress factors that will impact the building and estimate total costs. All the while, they must adhere to the specs of the building and often must manage and supervise other members of the engineering team on the project.

Required Education and Experience for Structural Engineers

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to education and experience, but a bachelor’s degree in civil or structural engineering and a PE license are almost always minimum requirements. Most structural engineers also hold a master’s degree. Also, structural engineers will be required to hold licenses in the states in which they are performing work.

Job Outlook for Structural Engineers

The salary aggregator at Indeed indicates the average salary for structural engineers in Georgia is currently around $65,000 per year. Glassdoor cites a higher figure of around $73,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cites an even higher figure of $84,770 as the national average. BLS data predicts that job openings will grow faster than other fields at a rate of 11 percent through 2026. It is important to remember that salary and benefits packages will vary from job to job-based on the requirements of the position, the size of the company, its geographic location and the experience of the engineering candidate.

Current Opportunity for Structural Engineers

Selectek is currently recruiting Senior Structural Engineers for an opening in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The position requires 15 years of experience in mid- and high-rise hospitality and educational design, and candidates should hold a civil engineering degree and be currently registered in most southeastern U.S. states. The ideal candidate will be competent in wood frame, block and plank, post-tension concrete and steel frame construction. They should be comfortable with leading other structural engineers in a fast-paced multidisciplined design environment.

You can learn more about this opportunity or apply online here.

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