A Guide to Asking Your Boss for More Responsibility

One classic way to further your career is to take on more responsibility in your current role. It allows you to build more skills and become an indispensable part of the team. Plus, it shows initiative, and that can put you on the radar for promotional opportunities.

While an increase in responsibilities may happen organically, that isn’t always how the situation plays out. Instead, you may need to speak to your boss and ask for more duties. While that can seem like an intimidating conversation, it doesn’t have to be awkward. Here are some tips on how to handle it.

Show That You’re Excelling

Before you schedule a meeting with your boss to ask for more responsibility, you want to have evidence that you can present showing that you’re excelling. Reflect on your recent accomplishments for examples, and gather pertinent details that demonstrate your capabilities and work quality.

It’s also wise to consider any recent training that expanded your skillset beyond your current role. By factoring that into the equation, you can show that you’re an underutilized asset, which works in your favor.

By having that information available, you effectively showcase your readiness for more. Plus, it can put your manager’s mind at ease. It reminds them that you’re a capable top performer, which makes them more confident if they move to add more to your plate.

Identify Areas Where You Can Help

Another step to take before you schedule the meeting is to identify areas where you can help. Consider the team’s or company’s current needs and how your skills align with various goals. Think about what your boss has on their plate and if you could alleviate some of that burden.

The goal here is to determine tasks that generally fall in your wheelhouse, requiring just a slight stretch beyond what you’re currently taking on regularly, that are also areas of need. Then, you can position yourself as a natural fit for those duties, increasing the odds that your boss will agree to give you more responsibilities.

Develop a Clear Plan for an Increased Workload

One reason why your boss might hesitate to give you more responsibilities is that they may worry about your workload. Fortunately, you can handle this proactively by developing a clear plan to address the addition of any duties.

Consider how you can free up time for a new responsibility. While this could include shifting certain duties to an under-tasked colleague, it’s also wise to figure out how you can simply add more to your plate. For example, improving efficiency in an area through automation could increase your available time. Similarly, if a project is about to wrap up, that might naturally create an opportunity.

By having a plan you can present, you increase your odds of success. Make sure you can thoroughly discuss your vision, allowing you to share it with ease.

Offer Support Enthusiastically

Once you have everything handled, it’s time to schedule the meeting. Begin by outlining your achievements and highlighting relevant skills. Next, discuss areas where you feel you can provide value and transition into your plan to cover the work.

As you do, present your position as offering support, not demanding more duties. Also, be enthusiastic about the idea of doing more. By taking that approach, your odds of getting more responsibilities go up dramatically.

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