What You Can Do to Reward Your Employees

Recognition is a potent tool, allowing companies to boost morale by showing employees that they’re valued. In turn, that leads to better performances, both when it comes to overall productivity and the quality of outputs.

While most companies know that rewards are a critical part of the recognition equation, determining the best way to acknowledge their contributions isn’t always easy. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few options to get you moving in the right direction.

Give Extra Paid Time Off

Many professionals struggle a bit with work-life balance. That’s particularly true if their employer has asked them to give more than usual, leading to higher stress levels and, potentially, longer work hours. As a result, offering extra paid time off is an exceptional reward.

Often, the easiest way to proceed is to award employees bonus hours that they can use at their leisure. That allows them to choose a moment that benefits their life most, making the extra paid time off more meaningful.

However, going another direction can still work as long as it benefits the employee. For example, providing them with a Friday afternoon off usually goes over well for traditional Monday through Friday workers, and allows you to predict when the employee will be gone, making it easier to plan.

Provide a Catered Meal

Another option that’s practically universally appreciated is free food. By going with a catered meal, you’re making the experience a bit more special, allowing employees to enjoy a high-quality bite to eat on the company dime.

Ideally, you want to cater lunch, as that gives workers the time to enjoy it without having to come in early or stay late. Additionally, either allow employees to order what they’d want or provide a broad selection of items that account for various dietary restrictions. That way, everyone can enjoy the reward.

Offer Cash Bonuses (or Useful Gift Cards)

If you ask most professionals what they’d like to receive as a reward, more money is often a popular answer. Don’t overlook the power of a cash bonus, particularly if the work you’re rewarding significantly benefits the company financially. It allows everyone to get a financial boost from their efforts., Plus, cash is a flexible option that employees can use as they see fit.

When bonuses aren’t an option, using gift cards could be a reasonable alternative. However, you need to choose options that are universally deemed useful. Going with major retailers that offer up a wide range of products is usually a better choice than niche stores, restaurants, or service providers. That increases the odds that the reward is well-received by your entire team, as not everyone has the same taste.

Ultimately, all of the options above can work well when you want to reward your employees. Consider which options work best for your budget and seem suitable based on the effort you’re acknowledging. Then, make rewards a habit, ensuring your team feels valued.

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