How to Boost Your Interview Confidence

For many professionals, every job interview is at least a bit daunting. Sitting across from a hiring manager is intimidating, and selling yourself can feel uncomfortable. Couple that with the nervous energy or anxiety that comes with interviewing, and your confidence may falter on occasion.

Fortunately, you can boost your interview confidence with surprising ease if you use the right strategy. Here are some tips that can get you moving in the right direction.

Start with Practice and Preparation

Feeling prepared for an upcoming interview can work wonders when it comes to your confidence. Before your interview day arrives, spend some time researching the role and the company. Next, create targeted answers to common job interview questions that allow you to showcase relevant skills and achievements. Then, spend time rehearsing those answers, ensuring you’ll be able to share them with ease.

The day before your interview, it’s also wise to cover a few bases. Plan your commute for in-person interviews and test your technology for video interviews. Gather up copies of your resume, parking passes, and other documents and put them in your bag. Try on your interview outfit to make sure it’s clean, in good repair, and that it fits properly. That will streamline your morning, making you more confident.

Combine Power Poses and Relaxation Techniques

Right before your interview is set to begin, take a moment to use some power poses and relaxation techniques. Deep breathing exercises can quell anxiety and reduce stress, so consider doing some in your vehicle before you approach the building.

Once inside, see if you can find a quiet spot – like a restroom – and do a power pose for a few minutes. One simple one is to stand with your feet apart, hands on your hips, and chin up. Smile as you do, as that will give you that little extra boost.

Use a Positive Mindset to Your Advantage

Adopting a positive mindset can boost your interview confidence. Two options can both work well. First, you can spend a moment envisioning yourself excelling. Picture yourself as a calm, impressive person during the meeting. Imagine the hiring manager smiling as you discuss your achievements. That puts you in a more confident place, which can show during your interview.

Second, you can use affirming phrases. Ideally, you want to say them out loud, as that can make them more impactful. Options like, “I’m a highly skilled professional who excels in my career” and “I’m worthy of this job, and the hiring manager will see that” can be great places to start, but any statement that lifts you up can also work.

View Nervousness as a Friend

In some cases, you can reduce anxiety or nervousness simply by reframing how you view it. If you acknowledge it in a welcoming manner – such as by saying something along the lines of, “Hello nervousness, my old friend, I was expecting you to come, and I acknowledge your arrival” out loud – it can actually put you at ease. You aren’t fighting your nerves. Instead, you’re using a positive approach to accept they’re there, and that may make them less powerful.

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