What Type of Work Environment Suits You Best?

During engineering job interviews, hiring managers will probably ask you about the type of work environment you prefer. This is an important question to answer well and to answer honestly. Hiring managers ask this question to determine whether or not you will fit in with the company culture and how well you may thrive with the team.  

If, for example, you prefer a casual culture but the company is highly structured, you probably won’t enjoy working there. If the company’s management philosophy is hands-off but you prefer a bit more supervision, you probably won’t produce your best work. It’s very important for you to get a feel for the work environment the company provides and it’s important for the interviewer to know whether you are a good fit so you can both evaluate whether the job will be right for you.  

How To Answer This Question 

To answer this question well, tie your answer to company culture. Hopefully, you’ve done a little bit of research into the company culture and you’ve determined that this company would suit you. So try to relate your answer to the type of environment they provide.  

However, it’s important that you find a company where you fit in and feel you can do your best work. While you want to paint yourself as the right fit, always be honest about your preferences. You will do yourself no favors if you pretend that you like a company’s work environment when you actually do not. 

And finally, if the work environment is one you have never experienced, admit that to the interviewer and say you would like the opportunity to try.  

How Not To Answer This Question 

First and foremost you don’t want to overstate your case. Elaborating too much – especially if you’re matching your answer to suit their environment – could make you seem disingenuous. However, you also do not want to come across as unsure. If you are hesitant or wishy-washy, you won’t paint yourself as a good fit. Do your best to be balanced in your answer.  

Also, take care to avoid criticizing the company’s culture or hint that you know a better way to do things. This is another reason why it’s so important to research the company culture beforehand.  You don’t want to accidentally demean a culture that they are very proud of.  

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