How To Secure A New Job Without Your Coworkers Noticing

When you’ve decided it’s time to move on to a new career opportunity, it can be difficult to keep it to yourself. You probably have coworkers who you consider to be friends, but it is important to keep your search confidential because you never know when a “friend” could spill the beans to the wrong person. If your boss catches wind that you are searching for a new job, you could find yourself in a very difficult situation.

Use these tips to run a confidential search to protect your future.  

Don’t Use Office Equipment  

Your company probably tracks what you do on their computers, so do not look for a job during work hours on the company computer. If you are discovered, this could cost you your job. If you are working onsite and must return emails to hiring managers or recruiters, use your smartphone and only conduct that business in your car during company-sanctioned breaks. If you work from home, make sure to only use your personal computer for search-related activities.  

Keep Your Search Off Social Media  

Be very careful what you post. Avoid saying negative things about your job. If necessary, you may need to unfriend or even block coworkers and make your accounts private.  

Also, be careful on LinkedIn. Don’t post anything publicly about your job search and make sure you turn off all activity announcements so your coworkers and boss don’t see you connect with a recruiter or hiring manager. It is wise to take advantage of the #OpenToWork setting on LinkedIn that will let recruiters see that you are open to new jobs without alerting your entire network.  

Tell Recruiters And Hiring Managers Your Search Is Confidential  

Recruiters understand the need to keep a job search confidential, so be very upfront about your situation. You don’t want them calling you at work, and you don’t want a coworker to overhear you on the phone during a break.  

Be Discreet 

Try to schedule interviews during times no one will miss you, like after work or at lunch. If you suddenly have a litany of “dental appointments” and “doctor appointments” during the workday, it will send off alarm bells.  

Remember, you may consider someone a friend but you have no idea who they will tell if you confide in them about your job search. It’s best to just keep your search to yourself and only announce anything once you’ve secured a job and you’ve notified your boss.  

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