Are You Learning Enough Outside of Work? Follow These Tech Blogs!

In STEM fields, it is extremely important to stay ahead of trends and continually learn new things. Keeping your skills and knowledge sharp is what keeps you relevant.

Here are some tech blogs to follow that will help you keep tabs on the industry.  


TechCrunch is an extremely popular blog and is one of the most well-known in the industry. They cover product launches, review apps, and provide info on just about everything on the net. 

The Official Google Blog  

If you do any sort of work on the internet, you need to stay connected to what Google is doing The Official Google Blog is a great tool for learning about Google’s latest rules, tips and tricks as well as information that can really help your company.  


This blog has become more pop-culture focused over the last several years but it is still a great place to get technology news, especially if you prefer to keep it on the lighter side of things. 


This is the godfather of all tech blogs with the longestrunning tenure on the internet.  ZDNet covers everything from tech news to product launches and reviews to business analysis and more.  

How-To Geek  

This blog gives practical advice for people at all levels of their tech career from newbie to advanced. How-To Geek also provides general knowledge pieces as well as product reviews and news and even more lighthearted pieces on things like Pokémon. 


Wired is a well-known blog in the industry and is good for the average reader. While they cover all things tech, they also cover news, current events, and business in straightforward language. 


This site doesn’t take itself too seriously and it is that tone that has made  Gizmodo a go-to tech blog for years. They offer a solid mix of technical know-how combined with wit and humor. 


GigaOM has a reputation for focusing on what’s new and what’s next. Learn about tech companies, startups, social media, software and more from this roster of writers and analysts. 

Are You Ready to Grow Your Tech Career?  

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