6 Workplace Trends You Can’t Ignore

The workplace has always been evolutionary, but it’s hard to ignore that 2020 rapidly accelerated the pace of change in many ways.

Here are six workplace trends you should pay attention to for the coming months.  

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence  

Emotional intelligence has grown to become an accepted critical success factor for employees at all levels in nearly every industry.  Emotionally intelligent people help build a collaborative and supportive workplace culture, and more employers are focusing on identifying candidates who have a high level of EQ.  


Employers are using this time to topgrade employees to identify people who are performing at the top of their game and those who have not been pulling their weight. Thanks to high unemployment, there are talented people looking for jobs who have been previously unavailable and employers are hoping to snap up that talent now to replace poor performers.  

Renewed Focus On Retention  

As employers look to replace poor performers, they also want to retain their best people for as long as possible. Companies are focusing on building positive cultures, providing paths for advancement, offering flexible work options, unlimited vacation and other perks to help retain the talent they have.  

Increased Automation  

Automation is becoming much more prevalent in all industries – not just manufacturing. Companies are looking for ways to automate basic, mundane and repetitive tasks to help control costs.  However, rather than being replaced by robots or artificial intelligence, many people will begin to work alongside technology, leveraging it in a way that enhances their work.  

Wellness Initiatives  

Workplace wellness is not a new concept, but thanks to the pandemic, employees are demanding that employers focus on physical and mental health issues.  Prior to 2020, companies were playing a bigger role in helping workers manage stress and maintain their mental health, but watch for that trend to expand in the coming months and years.  

Walking The Walk on Diversity  

As companies face pressure to address perceptions of discrimination, diversity is expected to be a priority for hiring managers moving forward. Savvy recruiters will know it’s more than just meeting industry regulations and good PR—it’s about leveraging the benefits of being inclusive and having people who can bring different insights and strengths to the table. 

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