The Hidden Benefits of Hiring Engineering Contractors

If you think contractors are just employed engineers think again. They are like free agents in the sports world who are in high demand because of their skills and proven success. Over the last decade, engineers have been leaving the traditional workforce behind in favor of contracting on short-term projects. Those engineers like the flexibility of contracting, the exposure to different projects and environments and the ability to specialize in their area of expertise. They are contractors by choice, and they are true subject matter experts.  

Benefits of Hiring Engineering Contractors

There are many benefits to hiring engineering contractors to round out your team – here are just a few.  

Fast Access to Critical Skills 

Hiring a permanent employee can take months – which is time you don’t have when you’re on a serious deadline. Hiring engineering contractors is a much faster process than hiring full-time engineers. You can get a contractor signed and onsite long before you’d even be done interviewing full-time candidates. You can still look for someone fulltime if necessary, and use the contractor to close the gap while you take your time and make the right choice.  

Cost Control  

One of the biggest benefits of hiring contract engineers is cost control. First and foremost, a contractors pay typically comes out of the project budget rather than the payroll budget.   

Using contractors also controls costs by reducing the need to take on full-time employees when you don’t need someone full time. Often, companies hire full-time engineers for a project and then have to let them go when it’s over. Contractors are hired for a set timeframe and you are not responsible for their benefits or employment taxes during the contract term. Even if you offer contractors a higher rate, you often still save money in the long run. 

Reduced Hiring Risk  

When a contract engineer’s agreement is up, their job is done. The contract may be extended if necessary, but if the engineer wasn’t a great fit, you simply let them go on their way. There are no severance or benefits extensions, there is no impact on internal staff morale, there is no panic to replace the contractor, etc.  

On the flip side, engineering contractors who perform well, who integrate into the team and who express interest in staying on can be hired full time at the end of their term. This can reduce the hiring risk because you’ve seen the engineer in action.  The recruiting firm you worked with can help facilitate a smooth transition, as well.  

Are You Ready to Hire Engineering Contractors? 

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