6 Engineering Trends to Anticipate During 2020

Engineers have always relied on technology as they design and build products and structures. Many of the technologies that aid in engineering have been advancing rapidly and disrupting traditional processes and fueling innovation. To remain competitive, companies need to keep an eye on the horizon so they can ensure their engineers have the skills and expertise needed to leverage technology effectively. Here are six engineering trends to anticipate in 2020.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technologies and engineers will rely more on AI in 2020 to help them design, test, model, troubleshoot and build products and structures. AI requires engineers to adapt to robotics in ways they may not have been used to in the past.  


As AI grows, so grows robotics. Robots have allowed companies to become more productive, improve the quality of their products, reduce risk and control costs. In 2020, robots will enhance human work in new ways, including cognitive ways, thanks to AI. 

Generative Design 

Generative design uses AI and cloud technology to help engineers design advanced solutions much more quickly than they could ever design them on their own. Engineers give a generative design algorithm parameters, and then the technology takes over, kicking back all possible combinations of design options.  

Digital Twins 

Digital twins allow engineers to create a precise virtual replica of a physical object or product. This allows them to see how the product comes together and to identify potential flaws before investing in production materials. Digital twins will become more prevalent in 2020 as IoT tech becomes more affordable, thus cost-effectively fueling innovation 

3D Printing 

3D printing is another technology that continues to advance at a rapid pace. As 3D printing continues to become more advanced and more cost-effective, engineers will be able to use it regularly to make prototypes of products and parts.  

An Ever-Widening Skills Gap  

The skills gap in STEM fields like engineering has been an issue for many years, but as technology continues to advance faster than schools can keep up with, employers will continue to struggle to find engineers who can help them make use of these advancements in technology. Employers must focus on helping their engineers upskill for high-tech processes and they must change the way they recruit in order to attract new engineers who do have those skills.  

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