Make Your Engineering Resume Stand out From Your Competition

Competition for engineering jobs is fierce, and hiring managers are inundated with resumes for a single open role. Giving stacks of resumes a close read simply isn’t practical, and many hiring managers make snap decisions about whether to put a resume on the “yes” pile or toss it into the circular file. Here are some simple tips you can use to make your engineering resume stand out.

Practical Matters First

Most companies use some form of scanning software to screen resumes to determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements. If you want a human being to see yours, you must make sure it passes this initial scan.

Before sending your resume, compare it to the job posting to make sure you have used keywords from the description, and be certain those keywords appear on page one of your resume. An easy way to do this is to create a “relevant skills” section at the top of the page.

Leverage Design Elements

Your resume should be concise and easy to read, but if you want it to stand out, it’s important to embrace design. Consider features like text boxes or sidebars that showcase your skills. Leveraging some basic and tasteful design elements can help your resume get noticed for the right reasons.

Showcase Your Most Relevant Experience

A chronological resume is the most popular format, but it is not always the most effective. Remember, hiring managers are looking to match your skills and experience to their open role, so it pays to list your experience by relevance rather than by date. Change the name of your experience section to “Relevant Experience” so the hiring manager doesn’t get confused by out-of-order dates.

Quantify Your Achievements

Hiring managers want to know how you will add value to their organization, and hard data is the best way to prove that value. Under each job, instead of listing tasks and job responsibilities, focus on your performance metrics and achievements. Make sure, however, the data you use can be verified by your references.

Toot Your Own Horn

Your resume is one of the few places where it’s not only okay to pat yourself on the back, it’s an absolute must. Keep track of all awards and accolades you receive, and make sure to list them on your resume. If it comes down to your resume and someone else’s, you don’t want to be the candidate who chose to be humble.

Are You Looking for Engineering Job Opportunities?

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