How to Prepare Your Team for Temporary Engineering Hires

Temporary engineers help keep projects on track and ensure the organization achieves its goals. While management may understand the value of these professionals, team members may be a bit more resistant to the idea. Permanent employees can be wary of temporary engineers, wondering if those people are there to steal their jobs. That wariness and mistrust can lead to toxic group dynamics that threaten success. Use these tips to prepare your team for temporary engineers.

Communicate Early and Often

Transparency and open communication is the best way to combat anxiety and gossip on your team. As soon as you commit to hiring temporary engineers, sit down with the group assigned to the project and let them know your plans. Tell them why you’ve chosen to bring in a contractor and outline the specific role that employee will play. Focus on the value that person will bring and the way in which their responsibilities will help achieve strategic goals. If you can help the team see how the temporary engineers will make their own jobs easier, it will help them embrace the idea. Then, open the floor to questions.

Make Success a Group Effort

To help the team get to know the temporary engineers, make onboarding a team activity. Assign each person on the project a goal for getting the new engineers up to speed. This will help them get invested in the new people’s successes and create opportunities for the team to interact with the contractors and build rapport.

Create a Feedback Loop

Since each team member will be responsible for onboarding, set aside time each week for the first month to check in and see how things are going. Ask how the temporary engineers are progressing and ask for feedback on what they are doing well and where they might need some coaching. Asking for feedback shows the team you value their insights and allows you to get a peek into group dynamics. If you notice conflict or potential problems, you can take steps to nip them in the bud before they hinder project success.

Temporary engineers can be an invaluable strategic resource, but only when the team accepts those professionals and collaborates with them productively. A successful engagement is only possible when management makes the effort to prepare the team and adjust to change.

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