The Benefits of a Phone Screening

Hiring takes a lot of time and energy. Any tools that can help speed and streamline the process will work to your advantage. Phone screenings give employers and job seekers a convenient opportunity to learn a little about each other and decide if there is enough common interest to move forward. Here’s why the experts at Selectek begin the process with a phone screen.


Phone screens are easier on the interviewer and the candidate. If a candidate is currently employed, it’s tough for them to take time off work for every opportunity that arises. A brief phone interview gives you each the chance to get a big picture overview and determine whether to move forward or move on.


As an interviewer, you can fit more phone screens into your day than full interviews. Candidates appreciate that they don’t need to take time off, dress for an interview, travel to your location, etc. Also, phone screens can be conducted outside business hours, making it easier to connect with currently employed candidates.


Phone screening allows you to immediately get deal breakers out of the way. Can the candidate work the currently open shift? Do they know how to use the required software and systems? Is your business located within the candidate’s acceptable commuting range? You can quickly assess their communication skills and gauge interest.

Low commitment

Giving someone a range of 15-30 minutes for a phone screen makes it easier to bow out gracefully if you find them unsuitable for the position. If you realize ten minutes into an in-person interview that the candidate is not a good fit, you may feel obligated to continue longer than needed.

At Selectek, it’s our job to shorten your search for talented people who meet your requirements. By starting with a phone search, we narrow the applicant pool quickly, so that you see only candidates who meet your specific requirements.

Phone screening is just the first step in a comprehensive screening process that gives our clients great results every time. If you are looking for talented professionals for your team, contact the recruiting professionals at Selectek. We’ll be happy to discuss our process and get started on your search.