Job Searching as an Experienced Engineer

As an experienced engineer, your job search can be much more complex than that of an entry-level candidate. That’s why it’s important to take a strategic approach. Take time to explore all options open to you and make decisions that will lead to your long-term success. Seek positions that will advance your career and make the most of your strengths.

Here are a few tips for experienced engineers looking for new opportunities:

Identify target employers. In your career you have developed a sense of which companies you would like to work for. You know what projects they are working on and whose values match your own. Make a list of those companies and investigate them further using their websites, reviews or investor materials.

Follow up via social media. Look at the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts belonging to your target employers. Gain additional insights into their goals and how they present themselves to the public. Follow their company pages and look for common connections on LinkedIn who can introduce you to the right people.

Expand your network. Once you’ve narrowed down the companies you would like to work for and established some contacts that can help, begin setting up informal meetings. Meet for coffee or drinks to discuss any insights they can offer.

Polish your resume. If you haven’t looked for a job in a while, your format may be dated or include too much information. Share just enough detail to grab attention and get the interview. You can wow them with your success stories in person. Take the time to customize your resume to each job you apply for. Include any keywords or terminology that will identify you as an insider in your field.

Partner with a recruiter. Recruiters who specialize in working with engineering professionals can be invaluable in guiding your search. They can help you tighten your resume, prepare for interviews and offer insights that can help you win the job. They know who is hiring, who the decision makers are and are often aware of positions that are not advertised. If you are currently employed, they can conduct a confidential search on your behalf and work around your schedule.

For assistance in developing a strategy for your engineering career, or help identifying the best employers to target, contact the engineering recruitment specialists at Selectek. We are here to help you with your search.