Engineering Job Options: Formwork Engineer

All great structures begin with great design. In most cases, the first step in executing a design is creating the molds or templates that form their foundation. Formwork engineers are responsible for drafting these designs. Formwork may not be the first engineering specialty that comes to mind when considering an engineering career, but it is in high demand in areas where there is a construction or renovation boom.

Job Description

As a formwork engineer, you will work with other engineers and project managers to develop design molds that form the basis for structures to be built from concrete or other pourable materials. Calculating the correct size, depth and other dimensions of the mold is critical to supporting the structure. You should also have a strong understanding of federal, state and local building regulations, and OSHA safety requirements.

Educational Requirements

Formwork engineers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably civil or structural engineering. Additional post graduate education will increase your marketability and improve your chances of winning management roles. There is also much to be learned on the job.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that formwork and other civil engineering job growth is on the rise.  Demand is expected to increase 20 percent between 2012 and 2022, substantially higher than average in all occupations. With 272,900 civil engineers currently employed and median annual wages ranging from 74k to 89k, the field is lucrative as well as in demand.

Current Vacancy

A formwork engineer is currently needed in Lithonia, GA. Candidates will be expected to be proficient in drafting in AutoCAD and designing shoring and reshoring drawings from contract documents. The formwork engineer will work closely with the Engineer Manager and also Project Management team. They will work mainly in an office setting with occasional on-site visits. The position requires Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and two or more years of formwork experience.

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