LinkedIn for the Engineering Candidate

LinkedIn is more than just the world’s largest and most popular social network for professionals. It is also a powerful tool for finding jobs, connecting with employers, and growing your network of professional connections. As an engineer, if you are not using LinkedIn to the fullest you are simply holding yourself back. This is how to use it to its fullest:

Rely on Keywords

LinkedIn, like all other search tools, relies on keywords to connect users with search results. Make sure that your profile – and especially your profile headline – make liberal use of relevant keywords, but be organic about it. Being found is meaningless if your profile looks nonsensical. Remember, too, to look beyond the most obvious keywords. Work with your primary title – mechanical engineer – and any specialties you may have, like dynamics and controls, thermal fluids, etc.

Complete Your Profile

You have a much better chance of being found if you fill your profile out completely. The LinkedIn interface helpfully tells you what percentage of your profile is complete and what more you need to do to get to 100 percent. A completed profile is both easier to find and more representative of you as an engineer. Give your potential future employer the biggest picture possible.

Show Your Personality

Engineers have a largely deserved reputation for being dry and relying heavily on jargon and scientific lingo in their professional communications. One easy way to distinguish yourself on LinkedIn is to inject some personality into your profile. A little bit of humor, a few revealing anecdotes, and a fresh writing style go a long way. Just be sure to keep everything within the boundaries of professionalism.

Start Making Connections

Building connections is crucial for getting the most out of LinkedIn. Having only 30-40 won’t do you much good, while having 200+ will expose you to a lot more opportunities. Luckily, making these connections is easy. Connect with current and former co-workers and classmates, connect with companies that interest you, and connect with thought leaders in your industry. With a small investment of time the number of connections you have will increase quickly.

Publish Your Ideas

In order to really stand out on LinkedIn, take advantage of the network’s flexible publishing platform to start connecting with a wider audience. Write about professional subjects that interest you, that you have expertise in, and that will be relevant to other engineers like you. With time and effort, you will develop a roster of loyal followers and establish yourself as an innovator and though leader in your field.

LinkedIn is an important tool in your job search, but it’s not the only tool at your disposal. Expand your horizons by working with the experienced recruiting team at Selectek.