Engineering Job Options: Formwork Engineer

Today’s soaring skyscrapers, massive stadiums, and sprawling retail complexes all must sit on top of a firm foundation. And if there are small flaws in that foundation, the entire structure is compromised. Formwork engineers perform a little-recognized but absolutely crucial role in ensuring that foundations and other support elements can hold up the millions of pounds placed on them. If you’re excited by the building process and want to work on a massive scale, consider a career as a formwork engineer.

Job Description

The term formwork refers to different types of temporary molds and scaffolding, into which are poured concrete and other materials that must be carefully structured and shaped as they solidify. Formwork engineers plan out what kinds of molds are necessary, design the molds, and are sometimes involved in fabricating them. Ultimately, these molds will likely be removed and dismantled before the structure is completed. But while they are in place, they serve a crucial purpose without which none of today’s structures could be built.

Education Requirements

In order to become a formwork engineer, interested parties will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a focus on civil engineering. Additional training in structural engineering is also helpful. Few schools offer degree programs at any level focused specifically on formwork engineering, but as with all fields of engineering, the more education and training the better.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that this is a great time to become a formwork engineer. According to their research, the field of civil engineering – one which includes formwork engineers – is poised to grow by 20 percent between 2012 and 2022. There were 272,900 professionals in this position in 2012, with an estimated 53,700 more being added over the following decade. Median pay in 2012 was measured at $79,340 per year.

Job Opportunity

A company in Lithonia, GA is currently recruiting a formwork engineer to work closely with the engineering manager and the project management team. Much of the job will involve drafting formwork drawings using AutoCAD and conducting occasional site visits as necessary. The chosen candidate must have a BSCE and at least two years of formwork experience. Click here to learn more about this vacant position.

Starting your career as a formwork engineer can help you transition into working on bigger and more prestigious projects. And as long as structures continue to be built, your services will always be in demand. Find a wealth of resources to assist you as you set out on your career journey by working with the experienced professionals at Selectek.