Phone Interview? Stand Out as a Top Candidate

Successfully navigating through a phone interview is a tricky process, especially if you have never taken part in one before. You have as much pressure on your shoulders as a regular interview, and you can’t rely on your clothing or body language to help make your case. For some people this proves to be an asset, but for many more it’s an obstacle. If you have a phone interview coming up and you want to make the best possible impression, use these tips:

  • Get a Schedule – Find out in advance how much time to schedule for the interview. If you’re told 15 minutes, you know it will be a relatively light process. If you’re told an hour, you know you will need to prepare much more thoroughly.
  • Pick the Right Place – The ideal spot for you to be during the interview is somewhere quiet, with good phone reception, a lack of distractions/interruptions, and where any resources you may need can be kept in front of you.
  • Make Some Notes – Working off a set of notes is generally unacceptable in a face-to-face interview, but fine over the phone. Write out some of your major talking points and any company/industry information you may need and keep the notes close at hand.
  • Consult the Job Description – Phone interviews are typically used to quickly whittle down large pools of candidates. The primary goal of the hiring manager is to determine if you have the necessary skills and experiences to fill a particular role, so carefully reread the job description and be prepared to make your fit the focus of the interview.
  • Have Questions Prepared – In any interview setting, it’s a good strategy to ask the interviewer a few questions. This demonstrates that you’re invested in the particular position and knowledgeable on relevant topics. Be sure to conclude your phone interview with a few of these questions.
  • Watch Your Tone – The sound of your voice is all you have to work with in a phone interview. Try to always sound like you are upbeat, engaged, curious, and interested. Avoid sounding tired, distracted, snide, or dismissive. It can be hard to judge the tone of your own voice, so work with a friend or family member in advance of the interview.
  • Conclude Strong – At the end of the interview express you gratitude, reiterate your interest and enthusiasm, and be sure to find out what the next steps are. If possible, find out when you can expect a response, whether positive or negative, so that you can continue to be proactive about your job search.

A great performance during your phone interview really can propel you to the top of the pack. Conversely, a poor performance can take you out of contention. Find more resources to help you stand out in any interview setting by working with the experienced recruiters at Selectek.