Is Contract Work Right for You?

Contract employment is quickly becoming common in fields throughout engineering. Many employees find that contract employment is an appealing alternative to full- or part-time work, and employers are increasingly turning to contract engineers to satisfy their immediate staffing requirements. That means there are a lot of available opportunities right now. So, is this option right for you?

Are Your an Experienced Job Seeker?

Employers want contract employees to make the largest impact possible, as quickly as they can. That means they tend to prize experience and expertise when hiring contract employees. If you are an older job seeker and finding that your age is something of an obstacle, it could prove to be an asset when searching for contract positions.

Are You Seeking a Specific Position?

If you are particularly interested in working for a specific company or in a specific role, but a permanent position is not currently available, contract employment could be an appealing option. You get your foot in the door and have a rare opportunity to show off your skills firsthand. Then, if an opportunity does open up, you have already established yourself and have a much better chance of rising to the top of the candidate pool.

Are You Restless at One Company?

There are lots of people who would prefer to break out of the traditional employment model and work for many companies in a variety of settings. They feel tied down going to the same office and performing the same duties day in and day out and enjoy the freedom and variety that contract employment provides.

Are You Hoping to Avoid Workplace Politics?

When you are working in a contract position, you are typically judged more on performance than personality. And since your goal is not to move up the corporate ladder, you have to worry less about the impression you’re making. That doesn’t give you license to misbehave, but it does allow you stand apart from the workplace politics that dominate so many offices.

Are You Most Interested in Compensation?

Since contract employees don’t receive benefits, many employers pay them a higher salary. By some estimates compensation can be 40 percent higher than what’s earned by comparable professionals in permanent positions. If you are less concerned about medical insurance and retirement benefits, and more interested in maximizing your take-home pay, pursuing contract employment is one of the best strategies.

Is this a career move that interests you? If so, work with the team at Selectek to find more contract employment opportunities at better companies.