The Talent Gap – How to Staff for Engineering with this Roadblock

Hiring an engineer is easy. Hiring the right engineer is a much bigger challenge. As anyone involved in recruitment knows, the pool of available engineers is vast, but the candidates with the required technical skills and experience are much more elusive.

Increasingly, companies are turning to staffing firms to bridge the talent gap when traditional recruitment strategies fail. This approach is efficient and cost-effective, plus it produces the specialized engineers you are looking for now, and will be looking for in the future. These are a few of the ways that a staffing firm can improve your talent search.

Student Engagement

The reach of quality staffing firms extends to candidates that have not even entered the workforce yet. By participating in job fairs and math/science camps, staffing firms are able to engage with the engineers of the future before they have committed to a specialty, secured a mentor, or chosen a course schedule. This early engagement helps show students the career paths that are most in demand, and  steer them towards the skills that are most lacking in today’s workforce.

On-The-Job Training

The unique resources of staffing firms allow them to identify promising talent that needs immersion opportunities to bloom. Clients can then develop internship positions, training plans, and development courses designed to mold these promising recruits into ideal employees. One of the most effective strategies for finding ideal employees is to build them from the ground up.

Employee Retention

If you think the talent gap in engineering is bad now, imagine it in 15 years after the next big wave of baby boomer retirements. An experienced staffing firm can help you develop viable strategies to retain employees, identify older recruits with valuable skills to offer, and help you explore contract/temporary staffing options. Traditional recruitment strategies often neglect, disserve, and overlook older candidates that can optimize your workforce.

Recruitment Networks

Staffing firms thrive by identifying and engaging the largest possible pool of talent. The resources of these firms allow you to cut through the clutter of recruitment and connect directly with the engineers you are specifically looking for. Rather than casting a broad net and separating the few good from the many bad, you can start your talent search with a list of the best.

As you work to bridge the talent gap that is plaguing the engineering field, work with a staffing firm that is focused specifically on this industry. Rely on the staffing professionals at Selectek to meet your short- and long-term staffing needs.