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Architects get all the glory, but it is the architectural drafters that take their vision and adapt it to the demands of the real world. Without architectural drafters, nothing would get built. These unsung heroes of engineering must have a passion for design, an eye for detail, a commitment to standards, and a love of technology. If you are interested in architecture, this is an accessible and rewarding career path worth pursuing.

Educational Requirements for Architectural Drafter Jobs

Ideally, preparation for a career as an architectural drafter begins in high school. Students that excel in shop, automotive repair, or any other pursuit that utilizes blueprints and schematics have a strong foundation in place. After high school, educational opportunities are available in the form of associate degrees, technical programs, and certification opportunities. Course work will often focus on architectural design, drafting technologies, urban planning, and sustainable construction. The American Design Drafting Association offers a Certified Drafter designation that is highly esteemed by employers.

Architectural Drafter Responsibilities

  • Create visual documents to direct construction projects
  • Specify dimensions, materials, and procedures on a minute level
  • Quantify and report metrics
  • Utilize computer aided design (CAD) technologies
  • Create organized and accessible archives of drawings
  • Serve as a liaison between stakeholders
  • Comply with applicable regulations
  • Respond to feedback from architects and builders

Job Outlook for Architectural Drafter Positions

The outlook for architectural drafters is not expected to improve or decline in coming years. By 2022, The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the field of drafting to add 2,200 jobs to its 2012 total of 199,800, a change of about 1%. It is important to remember that while this field may not be growing, it is not declining either. This is a stable career path with long-term relevance.

The median pay for a drafter in 2012 was $49,630 per year, or $23.86 per hour. Exceptional drafters often transition into project management roles, go on to become licensed architects, move into construction fields, or work to improve drafting technologies.

Apply for a Job as an Architectural Drafter

A company in Alpharetta, GA is currently looking for a junior level architectural drafter. If you are looking to break into this field, this is an opportunity for candidates with minimal experience to gain valuable on-the-job training and build their resume. To learn more and apply, click here.

If you are fascinated by the minute precision and exacting detail that go into building the world’s most impressive structures, you are uniquely suited to succeed as an architectural drafter. If you are just getting started, or looking to make the next big step, rely on the engineering experts at Selectek.