Four Benefits of Contract Positions

If you are searching for a job, have you considered a contract position? There are more of them than you would think, and they are not the compromise that some job seekers expect. Ideally, or course, you would get the perfect full-time position. But until that dream job comes along, think about the contract opportunities that are out there. You can reap benefits now and leverage your contract experience into opportunities later. For job seekers with the right attitude and approach, it’s a win-win situation.

Experienced Candidates Rise to the Top

The very qualities that are frustrating your job search may be assets when seeking out contract positions. Employers are looking for contract candidates who can be effective from day one and need a minimum amount of guidance and training. That is why older and over-qualified job seekers often get hired into contract positions.

Connect with a Future Employer

Contract positions allow you to dive into a company culture, meet people responsible for hiring decisions, prove your aptitude as an employee, and contribute positively to an organization. When companies start looking for permanent workers, the positive impression you’ve made counts tremendously in your favor. Even if you are not offered a full-time position, you may have made connections you can leverage into a position elsewhere. Never discount the value of networking.

Stabilize Your Finances

The simple fact is that a contract job is paying work. And as a contractor, you may be able to deduct portions of your work expenses that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. When you are looking for work, it always helps to have money coming in. As long as you still have the time and energy to dedicate to your job search, contract employment is a viable way to get you through a difficult time.

Gain Skills and Experience

Contract positions may expose you to technologies, business strategies, workplace settings and philosophies that you can use later to bolster your credentials. There is the common misconception that recruiters discount contract positions in an employee’s work history. But smart recruiters know that all experience is valuable, no matter how it is gained. If possible, seek out contract positions that encourage you to grow your skill set.


As a takeaway, don’t think of contract positions as a dead end. Most have a set end date, and it is counterproductive to think that you will be trapped forever in a job you only took out of necessity. Accentuate the positives, and this experience will pay dividends. Search for contract positions by working with the experienced recruiting team at Selectek.