Here’s How You Can Demonstrate Your Willingness to Learn

Seizing opportunities that allow you to stand out from your colleagues is typically beneficial. By doing so, you may have greater access to high-value projects or promotions, allowing you to advance your career with greater ease. One simple way to begin is by demonstrating your willingness to learn. Here’s a look at why that’s a wise move, as well as how you can get started.

Why Your Willingness to Learn Matters

Companies traditionally favor candidates and employees that show a clear willingness to learn. The primary reason is that these professionals are significantly more agile in the workplace than their less-willing counterparts.

Since workplaces experience changes on a regular basis, a desire to change with the organization, acquire new skills, and explore new paths makes a worker far more valuable. Essentially, employers want professionals with growth potential, as that increases the chances that the employee will remain an asset even as company priorities and needs shift.

How to Demonstrate Your Willingness to Learn

Discuss Your Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning shows not only that you’re willing to learn but that you’re committed enough to enhance your professional growth on your own. When the opportunity arises, openly discuss your activities in this arena. For example, you can mention the skills you’re acquiring during a performance review or reference a knowledge area that can provide value during project planning sessions.

Volunteer for Stretch Projects

Stretch projects are assignments that are slightly outside of your current wheelhouse. By volunteering for this type of task, you’re demonstrating your willingness to go beyond your current capabilities and hone skills while helping the company achieve a particular goal.

Often, stretch projects mean dedicating more time to the associated tasks, as you’ll have to navigate the learning curve. However, the end result is a stronger skillset, as well as a clear demonstration of your desire to keep growing.

Embrace New Implementations

Whether your employer implements a new technology or adopts a new process, enthusiastically embracing it highlights your willingness to learn. You’re openly supporting a change and showcasing your desire to make the most of it, and that works in your favor.

In a similar vein, exploring new technologies that are poised to impact your industry has a similar effect. It shows you’re striving to stay ahead of the curve, allowing you to self-prepare for a chance that’s potentially on the horizon.

Ask for Growth Opportunities

Asking your manager about training options or similar growth opportunities is a direct way to demonstrate your willingness to learn. Even if there aren’t any suitable programs available, you’re effectively announcing that you want to continue developing. As a result, your manager will have a clear idea that you’re development-oriented, and that works to your advantage.

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Ultimately, all of the techniques above can showcase your willingness to learn, so it’s wise to use them all when the situation allows. If you’d like to learn more or are seeking out job opportunities that come with growth potential, Selectek wants to hear from you. Contact us and speak with one of our recruiters today.