Tech Tips & Tricks to Be More Productive When Working at Home

Working from home comes with benefits, including eliminating your commute and the ability to stay in an environment where you’re comfortable. But many professionals do face some challenges when it comes to reaching full productivity.

Fortunately, there are some tech tips and tricks that can help you be more productive when working at home. Here are a few that are worth trying.

Have a Shared Calendar

Having a shared calendar makes it easier to coordinate with other team members when the need arises. Everyone can view each other’s availability, so it’s easier to determine when to reach out to get direct input on critical issues. Plus, it can reduce the odds of attempted interruptions when you’re occupied with another task, as colleagues know you aren’t available for a chat.

If you want to make this even more effective, block out time on your calendar for every duty you’re handling during the day, not just meetings. Then, you’re also creating a functional to-do list complete with notifications that can let you know what it’s time to work on next.

Invest in Good Headphones (with a Microphone)

High-quality headphones can assist with productivity in two ways. First, if they’re noise-canceling or noise-blocking, they ensure that any noises in your home aren’t pulling your attention away when you need to focus.

Second, by having a top-notch set of headphones with a microphone, you’ll have an easier time in video meetings. Your microphone won’t pick up as much noise from other people or pets in your home, ensuring others aren’t stuck listening to distracting sounds. Plus, you’ll come through clearer when you speak. The headphones can also help you hear others more clearly than if you were using speakers.

Turn Off Email or Messenger Pop-Up Notifications

When you need to focus, pop-up notifications on your screen that alert you to a new email or message in your group collaboration space draw your eyes away from your work. In turn, you’ll have to refocus before you can get back to the task at hand, leading to a less-than-ideal flow. By shutting off those pop-ups, those distractions don’t appear on your screen, making it far easier to concentrate.

If disabling the pop-ups isn’t an option due to change restrictions on a company device, consider an alternative method for blocking them visually. Sticking a large sticky note over the section of your screen where they appear can be an excellent solution. Sticky notes won’t harm the screen, but they’ll still prevent you from seeing the message, making it easier to focus. Plus, most of the pop-ups occur in a lower corner of your screen, so you aren’t necessarily sacrificing much workspace to use this strategy.

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Ultimately, the tech tips and tricks above can help you remain productive while working from home. Plus, they’re simple changes to implement, making them easy to try out. If you’d like to learn more productivity hacks that ensure you remain productive while working remotely or are interested in a new work-from-home position, Selectek wants to hear from you. Contact us today.