How to Assess If a Company Culture Is a Good Fit for You

Finding a great job isn’t just about securing a solid salary and benefits package; you also want to make sure the company culture is an excellent fit. Often, a company’s culture plays a big role in job satisfaction.

Company culture may determine whether you’re comfortable in the environment and feel connected to the mission, for one. For another, it usually has a major impact on whether you’ll get chances to advance and grow professionally.

If you want to make sure you’ve found an exceptional career-boosting opportunity, here’s how you can assess if a company culture is actually a good fit for you.

Research the Organization

One of the simplest ways to learn more about a company’s culture is to conduct a bit of online research. Sites like Glassdoor can be an excellent place to start since it has a dedicated spot where current and former employees can review employers.

However, you can also do more digging. For example, you may want to search for the company’s name on social media to see if anyone has posted about the organization. Even reading customer reviews can be beneficial, as reports on the company’s customer service may give you indications about the overall culture.

Ask Questions During the Interview

During an interview, it’s normal for candidates to get a chance to ask some questions. When that moment arrives, seize the opportunity and inquire about the company culture.

You can use a straightforward strategy by asking the hiring manager how they would describe the company’s culture. Additionally, you can use an indirect approach by asking them to tell you about a typical day in the role, the team dynamic, their management style, and the company’s benefits and perks packages. Requesting that they tell you what success looks like could be wise, as well.

Asking about training or advancement opportunities can also give you clues about the company’s culture. Similarly, inquiring about why the role is vacant could lead you toward some powerful insights. If the job is open because the person who last held the position was promoted, that’s a positive sign about how the company treats internal advancement.

Speak with Current and Former Employees

Sometimes, speaking with current and former employees directly is your best option if you want the inside scoop on a company’s culture. If you’re going to go this route, you typically have a few ways to do it.

First, you can request a chance to meet the team during the hiring process. Along with being able to speak with potential colleagues, you’ll also get to explore the environment, which could be beneficial.

Second, you could reach out on social media and request informational interviews. This approach lets you speak with current and former employees privately, increasing the odds that you’ll get their honest assessment.

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