Top Five Tech Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts have become an extremely popular tool for tech professionals to stay on top of and ahead of trends in the industry. Podcasts can easily fit into a daily routine – whether you listen during your commute, while you take a walk, clean your house, etc., podcasts are a convenient way to stay connected to news, trends, and more in the industry. Here are five of the tech podcasts you should be listening to this year.  

The Hanselminutes Podcast 

Microsoft web developer and programmer Scott Hanselman created this podcast (unaffiliated with Microsoft) to explore a wide variety of tech topics with a focus on tech culture and current tech events. It comes out weekly and has a vast archive, and provides a unique perspective on technology. 

Risky Business  

This is a weekly podcast entirely devoted to cybersecurity. It looks at industry news and trends like ransomware, security risks, new government reports, the trend of doxing scammers, etc. This podcast is a great way for cybersecurity professionals or any IT professional to stay connected to industry news. 

FLOSS Weekly 

FLOSS (free, libre, and open-source software) is a podcast all about the world of open source. Host Doc Searls sits down with guests regularly to discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from the best software on the market to the latest trends and emerging innovations.  

The Cloudcast  

This podcast is, quite obviously, all about cloud computing and programming. This is a podcast that has been around since 2011 and has been popular throughout its lifetime because hosts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely are true experts in the field. This podcast covers topics like DevOps, big data, AI, ML, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.  

Reply All  

This is a more “fun” podcast that would be considered slightly more tech “adjacent” but should be included on your playlist. Since 2014, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman solve some of the world’s craziest tech problems in their Super Tech Support segment. They also do investigative journalism in the tech field and test their (and your) pop culture knowledge in a Twitter game called Yes, Yes, No.  

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