2021 Technology Trend Predictions

Each year there are more and more exciting developments in technology. As we look forward to a new and better year, here are some of the trends that tech pros should be watching. 

Working From Home (Or Anywhere) Will Become The Norm 

Prior to the pandemic of 2020, many companies resisted work-from-home models. But those companies found themselves forced into work-from-home models without warning in 2002 and discovered that working from home wasn’t the disaster they imagined.  

When the pandemic and the shutdowns and restrictions that came with it are finally over, you’ll see that many workers will continue to demand flexible telework options. As companies realize they can save overhead, expand recruiting to a national scale and still generate strong output, it is very likely that the work-from-home trend will continue, and the need for better software, hardware, networking, and remote security will grow with it too. 

Cybersecurity Will Be A Central Focus and Priority  

Similarly, companies that had been somewhat lax on the cybersecurity front found themselves confronted with the need to shore up systems and networks in 2020. With millions of companies moving to a remote model, hackers stepped up their game and expanded their attacks worldwide.  Moving forward, companies will invest more money, focus more energy, and act more proactively when it comes to cybersecurity.  

We Will Finally Get 5G 

For years now, we’ve heard about 5G, but this year it is finally going to be rolling out on a larger scale. When people begin working from home and spending hours and hours of their work and free time on video conferences, the need for 5G became much more evident. The rollout is occurring slowly, starting with major US cities, but that rollout is finally here. 

More Things Will Be “As-a-Service” 

Thanks to cloud platforms like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, “as-a-service” has become extremely popular in the last few years, and innovation will only continue to boom as small startups can deploy cutting-edge tech for a reasonable cost. Thanks to 2020, reliance on the cloud have grown exponentially and will likely continue to grow in the future. 

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