6 Tech Thought Leaders You Should Be Following

One of the best ways to keep pace with the ever-evolving tech industry is to follow thought leaders on social media.  Technology is continually advancing, and thought leaders are the people who steer the direction of the industry through their innovations.

Here are six thought leaders you should follow today.  

QuHarrison Terry 

QuHarrison Terry is the founder of Inevitable/Human, a “futuristic newsletter and online support network for Futurists, Technologists, and Business Professionals who want to anticipate the future and foresee transformative changes.” Some of his more intriguing articles include, “What is the Metaverse and How Will it Replace the Internet?” and “Everything You Need to Know About Digital Humans.”  

Reddy Venumbaka 

The Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP Cloud Platform, Reddy is known as an expert in software product marketing with an emphasis on data management and cloud platforms. His resume also boasts experience developing and delivering enterprise software products for large multinational organizations. You can find his thought leadership here. 

Abby Kearns  

Abby Kearns has 20 years of tech experience ranging from product marketing to product management and consulting across Fortune 500 companies and startups. Abby is currently the CTO of Puppetize and often publishes thought leadership pieces in Medium. You can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Cathy Hackl 

Hackl’s work focuses on the use of augmented and virtual realities for marketing purposes. She posts LinkedIn content focusing on this unique niche, including articles such as “Augmented Reality: The New Frontier for Brand Marketing” and “What Marketers Need to Know about V-Commerce.” You can follow her on LinkedIn for more.  

Bill Gates 

Everyone knows who Bill Gates is, but do you follow his thought leadership, or do you simply see his name pop up in the headlines on a fairly regular basis? Gates has recently focused a lot more on climate change and public health matters, but you’ll still find lots of quality tech content throughout his LinkedIn feed. He is also an avid reader and regularly posts recommended reading lists on his LinkedIn.  

Don Boulia 

Boulia is the GM of ISV partnerships at IBM and has over 20 years of software development experience. He has held executive roles in product management, strategy and development within the WebSphere organization, leading emerging WebSphere foundation product deliveries, cloud strategy, portfolio management, open-source and open standards initiatives.  You can find Boulia on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

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