Your Guide To Attracting Creative Engineering Talent

When you think about engineers, “creative” probably isn’t the first attribute that pops into your head. However, engineers are problem-solvers and to be good at solving problems, a person must be curiousresourceful and yes, creative.

Use these tips to attract creative engineering talent to your team.  

Understand How Much Creativity You Actually Need 

People often say they want more creativity but then reject creative ideas because they seem too radical or challenging. Solooking for someone who is exceptionally creative might mean you are looking for someone who would be incompatible in the long run. So, determine if you are looking to make incremental changes or to completely overhaul a product, system, process, etc. Knowing which problems you want a new engineer to solve can help attract someone with the right level of creativity.  

Align Your Hiring Process To Attract More Creative Candidates 

A dull, boring job description and a long, drawn-out hiring process will not attract the creative engineer you are looking for.  Creative people are looking for opportunities, not jobs. They want opportunities to work on new projects, try new things, develop new ideas and spread their wings professionally.  

Your job descriptions should be written in a way that engages creative people. Talk openly and honestly about the opportunities you offer to be more creative in their problem-solving. Make sure the interview process is as streamlined as possible but consider asking candidates to solve a problem so you can see their approach and determine whether they are truly creative. Just make sure you’re using a problem that does not have a “correct” answer so you are focusing more on their process than whether they got to your expected outcome.  

Step Out Of Your Own Comfort Zone 

If you want to hire more creative engineers, you will have to change your own approach and way of thinking. Don’t hang onto traditional stereotypes of what an ideal engineer looks like, acts like or sounds like. Creative people often have backgrounds, thought processes, approaches and even senses of humor that are vastly different than the average person. Being open-minded is critical to hiring and retaining outside-the-box thinkers.  

Are You Ready To Attract Creative Engineering Talent?  

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