9 Phone Interview Questions To Ask During Your Next Interview

When preparing for a phone interview, it’s easy to forget that this will be a two-way street. Just as the interviewer will be evaluating you to see if you should be invited to the next round of interviews, you should use the interview to evaluate whether you are still interested in the role.  

Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

When it comes time for you to ask questions during your phone interview, ask questions that will help you make a more informed decision while also showing the interviewer that you are serious about the job.  

1. Tell Me About A Typical Week In This Position 

Lots of people ask about a typical day, and it’s a good question because it will give you good detail about the job. However, you will stand out if you ask about a typical week. 

2. What Do You Like Most And Least About the Company Culture?  

This goes one step beyond “tell me about the company culture” by asking the hiring manager to describe highs and lows. This will help you stand out and allows you to gain a better understanding of the culture. 

3. What Would You Say IsThe Most Challenging Part Of This Job?  

This is a good question because as the recruiter describes a challenge, you can address the ways you’d overcome that challenge. 

4. How Many People Work In This Office? 

This shows interest in the day-to-day work environment and provides you with important details about the company and/or location size.  

5. What Are The Possibilities For My Career Growth?  

This question shows the recruiter that you are thinking about your future with the company while letting you know whether the company supports career development.  

6. Why Is This Position Vacant?

Lots of candidates ask this, so it won’t help you stand out but it can give you some important insight. It’s a good sign if the last person to hold the job got promoted, for example. 

7. What is the management Style Of This Team’s Leader? 

This is a good question because it can help you understand who you might be working for and it shows you are thinking about your fit with the company.  

8. If I Am Offered The Job, When Would You Like Me To Start? 

This question will give an idea of the total timeline for the decision-making and hiring process.  

9. When Can I Expect To Hear From You?  

Asking this shows interest in moving forward, provides you with a date that you can expect to hear from the hiring manager and shows confidence. 

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