Overcoming the Pre-Interview Jitters

Nothing gives you a boost of confidence like landing an interview with a great company. But that feeling of exuberance after you accept the interview can fade quickly as the days tick by, replaced by feelings of anxiety. It’s natural to feel nervous in the days and hours leading up to an interview, but it is important not to let the jitters get the best of you, as you don’t want your performance to be negatively impacted by your nerves. Use these strategies to boost your pre-interview confidence.  

Practice, Practice, Practice  

The best way to boost confidence is to practice answering common interview questions. Don’t use a script – that will make you sound stiff and disingenuous. Instead, work on choosing effective anecdotes that demonstrate your skills, soft skills and show that you are the best person for the job. The more you practice your answers, the less nervous you will be in your interview.  

Visualize a Perfect Interview 

Some people are not comfortable with visualization but professional athletes, CEOs and other successful people use visualization as part of their success routines.  Positive visualization helps boost confidence by focusing your energy on positive outcomes. Instead of getting anxious about things that could go wrong, picture yourself walking in with confidence, laying our perfect answers and dazzling your interviewer with your demeanor 

Leave Much Earlier Than You Think You Need To 

What does your interview commute have to do with jitters? A lot. If you get stuck in traffic or if your train or bus is late, it will increase stress which will add to your anxiety. Even if you rely on apps like Waze and Google Maps, you could still run into trouble finding a parking space, walking to the building, dealing with checkins, elevators, etc. Do yourself a favor and allow much more time than you think you need so you won’t feel rushed or stressed when you arrive. You can use any extra time to go back over your research about the company, mentally run through practice questions or even listen to music that will get you in the right frame of mind.  

Be Yourself  

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is pretending to be someone they are not. Just be yourself. First and foremost, being yourself is the best way to feel confident. Second, it’s important to be yourself so that the hiring manager can see who you really are. Remind yourself that you are there to evaluate the company and job, as well, so if they don’t like who you are, the role isn’t right for you anyway.  

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