How to Fast Track a Job Change

It can be exciting to make the choice to change your job, but it can also be extremely stressful. That stress is exacerbated when you need to change jobs quickly. Whether you are relocating, leaving a bad situation or facing downsizing, speed can add another layer of anxiety to an already-stressful situation. Use these tips to fast-track a job change and keep moving forward in your career.  

Assess Your Circumstances 

Before you take a major leap like changing jobs, it’s important to take stock of your current situation. Relocating may not mean you need to find new work. Talk to your superiors about the possibility of staying on as a remote team member. If you’re leaving a bad situation, make sure it’s not just a temporary problem that will resolve itself soon. You want to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your career and for yourself.  

Be Open To Non-Traditional Options 

When leaving a full-time job, most people look for full-time employment. But there are many options out there for talented engineers who might be looking for a little more freedom and flexibility. Contracting on short-term, specialized projects can be a great career move. It exposes you to a variety of different types of projects and companies and allows you to focus on your best skills. If a full-time search has stalled and you really need a change, making yourself open to contract work can often help you find and land something quickly – especially if you work with a recruiter 

Don’t Burn Bridges 

Even if you are in a terrible working environment, resist the urge to exit your job in a blaze of glory. No matter how justified you feel, burning bridges is never a good idea for your long-term career. The fact is you need the connections you made at your job. You’ll need them to act as references and you never know when you may cross paths again. So take the high road from the time you submit your resignation to the last minute of your last day.  

Partner With A Recruiter 

Job searches can be long, protracted affairs. When you want to kick things into gear and fast track a job change, a professional engineering recruiter can help. Recruiters take the legwork out of your job search, and once they get to know you as a person and as a professional, they can match you with job openings that are a great fit. If you are open to contract work, recruiters are an invaluable resource. Not only can they find you a great opportunity, but they can also help you line up your next contract as your current contract wraps.  

Find Your Next Career Opportunity Today

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