Choosing Between Two Engineering Job Offers

Getting two engineering job offers at the same time is a great feeling – but it can also be stressful. How do you know which job is truly right for you? If you are choosing between two engineering jobs, follow these tips to evaluate each one and make the right decision.

Salary, Benefits, and Perks

Every offer should include your precise salary and benefits packages as well as perks. It is important to weigh the entire package and determine whether a slightly lower salary might be worthwhile for a shorter commute, stronger bonus or retirement package, remote opportunities or better work-life balance.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate on salary. If they won’t budge on numbers, consider asking for more vacation or another benefit or perk that would be equally valuable to you.

Job Responsibilities

Study each job description closely to make sure they align with the discussions you had during the interview process. If something doesn’t match up, ask the hiring manager about the change. Misaligned job descriptions could be a red flag, so pay close attention for any discrepancies you discover.

Career and Personal Alignment

Take time to consider whether each job is a good move for your career, for you personally and for your family. Are you taking a step forward, backward or making a lateral move? How will each job impact your work-life balance? If you have a partner and/or children to consider, they should factor into your decision, as well.

Corporate Culture

You spend the vast majority of your waking hours at work, and you can’t be happy at your job if you don’t like where you are working. Understand the types of environments and structures that are best for you, and weigh culture heavily in your decision. A high salary means nothing if you end up back on the job hunt because you are not thriving in the company culture.

Trust Your Gut

Reflect back on the hiring process. Were you treated respectfully? Did the company remain in contact with you about timelines? Did each interview go as you expected as far as start time, end time and who you’d be meeting with? Did you get the feeling your interviewers were being transparent or did you feel like they might be hiding something?

Do not ignore any nagging feelings you have, whether they are positive or negative. You might have gotten a sense that one organization isn’t quite right for you, while another just seems like a stronger fit.

You Always Have Options

Once you’ve made your decision, remember that jobs, careers and your personal priorities are always evolving. If you choose a job and it turns out it was not right for you, you still have options. If you are an engineer seeking new job opportunities and you want to put an expert in your corner, contact the Atlanta engineering recruiters at Selectek today.