Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Social media has become synonymous with self-involvement, but it is much more than a platform for posting pictures of yourself living your best life. It is also a powerful tool you can leverage to find your next engineering job. If you’re on the lookout for new career opportunities, use these social media strategies to uncover something great.

Clean up Your Social Media Presence

Your personal social media profiles are just that – personal. Step one is to make sure all your profiles are set to private. Untag yourself from any photos that are less than professional, and then triple-check your settings. From there on, be careful about who you add as friends.

Next, set up professional profiles on Twitter and Facebook and take time to update and clean up your LinkedIn profile. On these professional accounts, follow engineering thought leaders, recruiters, and companies you might like to work for. Post and share only professional content, comment on other people’s industry content and share your insights in your specialization.

Build Your Network

Social media is a powerful networking tool, so spend a few minutes every day growing your network. Join professional groups using your professional profiles and contribute to the discussions you find there. Actively add new people, and make sure to reach out to share information, introduce them to other people and consider inviting local connections for coffee.

Adding new people can be intimidating, so start by reconnecting with former bosses and colleagues. As you grow more comfortable, reach out to people you’ve engaged within groups or forums. Over time, your network will grow organically.

Reinforce Your Personal Brand

Make sure every article you share, comment you leave, or insight you offer reflects your brand as a professional. Share interesting articles and ask your friends and followers to weigh in. If you are comfortable writing, consider creating your own articles on LinkedIn or even create your own professional blog and share your original content. The more you share (without spamming), the greater the chances you will get on the radar of someone who could help you advance your engineering career.

Let Recruiters Know You Are Looking

Set your LinkedIn profile to the “open candidates” setting to signal to employers and hiring managers you are open to a career move. This setting is only visible to recruiters and will not alert your current boss that you are on the hunt.

Make sure to follow engineering recruiters and accept invitations from recruiters who might reach out to you. Even if they don’t have an opening today, you’ll want them in your network.

Are You Looking for Career Opportunities in Engineering?

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