Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

No matter how anyone tries to spin it, the truth is, engineering job searches are stressful and time-consuming. The longer a search goes on, the more stressful it becomes. So, when you’re looking for new opportunities, how can you stay motivated during a job search?

Remind Yourself This Is a Temporary Frustration

When faced with stress, it’s easy to forget that every situation is temporary. Nothing stays the same forever and eventually, you will find the right opportunity. When you feel frustrated, remind yourself that though your search may feel endless, a great job is waiting for you.

Try New Tactics

If you’ve been relying on a tactic like online job boards and it hasn’t yielded success, try switching things up. Add new tools to your toolbox like networking and social media to uncover new opportunities. Reach out to organizations you’d like to work for and reconnect with your network to re-energize your search.

Set Activity Goals

Your ultimate goal is to land a job, but it’s the activities you engage in that will make a difference. Set weekly activity goals like:

  • Make one new networking connection each week.
  • Attend three networking events per month.
  • Apply to five jobs in one week.
  • Revamp your resume within two weeks.

Setting and achieving activity-based goals will keep you moving forward and will provide you with a sense of achievement to keep you motivated. And of course, every productive activity you complete will get you one step closer to your end goal.

Take Days Off

If you’re forcing yourself to engage in job search activities every day, you will eventually burn out. Sometimes, in order to stay motivated, you have to walk away.  Take two days off per week to free yourself from the stress of thinking about cover letters, resumes and interviews. You’ll return with a fresh perspective and much more energy.

Seek Outside Help

One of the best ways to stay motivated during a job search is to partner with an engineering recruiter. Recruiters take on the legwork for you, easing much of your stress. They also recruit for positions that are not advertised to the public, a huge advantage over running a solo search. Recruiters will also work with you to prepare you for interviews, so you know what an employer is looking for, and they will presell your strengths and fit for the role to the hiring manager.

If you are an engineer seeking new career opportunities and you want an expert in your corner, contact the engineering recruiters at Selectek today.