Stop Turnover in Its Tracks

Turnover can be a challenge to overcome for many reasons, but the difficulty in gathering accurate data on why employees quit is one of the biggest hurdles. However, if you’re dealing with high turnover, it is essential to get to the root of the problem so you can focus on building a long-lasting, effective team. Use these strategies to stop turnover in its tracks.

Talented People Want to Be Challenged

You’ll always have a few people on your team who are content to stay exactly where they are, but most talented engineers want to be challenged in their careers. They want opportunities to learn and grow, try new things, work on bigger and more complex projects, and push themselves beyond their perceived limits. Look for ways to help engineers find those challenges and rise to them. This can be achieved in creative ways. Consider cross-training engineers on different functions, mixing up teams who typically work together, encouraging engineers to look for new ways to solve old problems, and developing clear career paths within the organization so people have an idea about how to move up the ladder. If you don’t find new ways to challenge your talent, they’ll find a company that will.

Focus on Work-Life Balance

Today, people are pulled in multiple directions at one time, and many adults are raising children while also caring for aging parents. Many employees feel guilty thinking about family while they are at work and guilty thinking about work while they are with family. Your firm can breed serious loyalty by helping engineers achieve the balance they crave. Flexible work schedules, telecommuting days and remote job opportunities can go a long way with employees seeking better balance.

Show Employees You Value Their Contributions

Everybody wants to feel valued by their bosses, and engineers are no exception. Make sure you are cultivating a culture where managers and leaders thank and recognize employees who go above and beyond. It is also important to value contributions in other meaningful ways. First and foremost, make sure salary and benefits packages are aligned with your local market. Underpaying talented people is the fastest way to lose them. Next, focus on promoting people from within whenever possible and encouraging talented engineers to seek out opportunities to learn new skills or be included on new projects.

Are You Looking for Engineering Talent?

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