Engineering Job Options: Quality Inspector

The quality of any product depends on the quality of the materials used in its production. That’s what makes the work of a quality inspector so important. Quality inspectors examine the raw materials and material goods on a production line, approving or rejecting them based on specific criteria. They also are often responsible for testing the end product. The observations a quality inspector makes are used to help correct issues in the production process to create better results in the future.

Required Education And Experience

Quality inspectors do not require a specific degree or educational path, and employers often have their own criteria when it comes to hiring quality inspectors. Typically, an associate degree is the minimum requirement, but employers often require real-world experience and expertise in skills like weights and measures, attention to detail, the ability to read engineering plans and more.

Quality inspection isn’t an entry-level role, which is why education matters less than experience. Typically, people work their way into quality inspection from other jobs within manufacturing and production. Aspiring quality inspectors can earn certifications from governing bodies to improve their marketability and prove their expertise to potential employers.

Job Outlook

Quality inspectors are found in every organization that produces a product, from food to heavy machinery and everything in between. Because the field is so broad, it is difficult to predict employment growth in the industry or get an accurate read on salary. However, Indeed posts an average hourly wage of around $16 per hour for quality inspectors in Atlanta.

Current Vacancy

Selectek is currently recruiting sheet metal quality inspectors for a reputable electronic displays manufacturer in the Atlanta area. The role requires performing inspections on sheet metal parts to determine acceptance or rejection of parts and materials. Requirements include proven experience in sheet metal or aluminum parts inspection, the ability to read and interpret engineering drawings, and experience using measurement tools (i.e., calipers, height gauges, protractors, gauge blocks, micrometers, etc.). This is a temp-to-perm job that pays $15-18 per hour depending on the experience of the chosen candidate.

You can learn more about this opportunity and apply online here.

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