Time-Management Strategies to Improve Your Personal Efficiency

As an engineer, you’ve probably mastered the art of time management and efficiency on the job. Wasted time can set projects back and can cost thousands of dollars – if not more. When you’re conducting a job search in addition to working full time, it’s easy for your professional time-management skills to fly out the window. Utilize these time-management strategies to improve your personal efficiency and maintain balance.

Stay Organized in Your Search

Whether you are more comfortable with paper or computer-based recordkeeping doesn’t matter, the point is to stay organized. Keep your job search on task by keeping a list of your target companies, the activity you’ve engaged in, your status and your next steps. Lists ensure you know where you stand, what needs to be done and prevents you from letting an application fall through the cracks.

Block Your Time

One of the best ways to stay organized and keep on task is to block out your personal time, just like you’d block out portions of your workday. Determine your most productive time of day and schedule at least one hour for job search activities. Whether it’s before work, after work or an hour before you go to bed, schedule time in your calendar and use that hour to focus intently on your activities for the day.

Delegate Tasks

Just as you’d delegate tasks to your engineering team at the office, you can free up a great deal of your personal time by delegating tasks. Many grocery stores offer order-ahead or delivery services, dog walkers can ease the strain of taking Fido out right after work, lawn services can take yardwork off your plate and cleaning services can eliminate household chores. You don’t have to delegate everything, but make a plan to remove the most time-consuming errands and chores off your list.


It might seem counterintuitive to add another activity to your packed schedule, but making time to exercise can actually boost your long-term efficiency and productivity. Even 30 minutes just three days a week can make a big impact. After a few weeks of regular exercise, you will begin to have more energy throughout the day, you’ll just feel better and be more capable of taking on whatever comes at you. Regular exercise also helps you manage stress and allows you to decompress which can be helpful in preventing burnout.

Let Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting

If you want to save real time in your job search and simultaneously make it more effective, work with a professional engineering recruiter. After getting to know you, your goals and your preferences, a recruiter can take over much of the legwork of your job search and match you to openings that truly align with your goals. If you are an engineer seeking new opportunities to grow your career and you want an expert in your corner, contact the Atlanta engineering recruiters at Selectek today.