Strategies to Boost Productivity on Your Team

Everyone on your team is extremely busy, but how often does that “business” translate into true “productivity”? Engineers have a lot on their plates, but they can also be hampered by some common roadblocks to productivity, impeding your firm’s ability to complete projects on time and on budget. Use these strategies to start boosting productivity on your team today.

Eliminate “Death by Meeting”

Meetings are one of the biggest drains on productivity in the modern American workplace. Yes, meetings are necessary, but most meetings lack clearly defined purpose. Odds are, your team is often frustrated by meetings, especially if they lack focus, are redundant or fall in the middle of a major project. Every meeting should have a clear purpose and an agenda, and it should be planned at the start of the day before people get too into their work. If the meeting does not have a purpose, don’t schedule it.

Stop Micromanaging

Micromanagement is extremely counterproductive. Nobody can achieve their goals if their boss is constantly standing over their shoulder, asking for progress reports or generally getting in the way. Micromanagement also impacts morale and employees’ feelings about working for you. If your team thinks you don’t trust them or have confidence in them, it will negatively impact their drive to succeed.  If you have hired competent and talented people, get out of their way and let them do their jobs.

Use Project Management Software

Your team likely has a streamlined process for managing, but if you’ve ever run into bottlenecks or if a team member has worked off an old document, you know the resulting hassles that can ensue. Project management software ensures each member of the team knows where things stand, and they can transfer tasks between themselves so no work ever gets held up. It also ensures that everyone is working with the most updated documents to prevent redundancies and errors.

Hire Productive People

One of the best productivity strategies is to hire people who have the ability to remain focused no matter how many distractions get thrown in their way. Driven, productive people have a way of motivating others on the team to step up their game, as well.

Utilize Project Consultants

Long and complex projects can tax your team. Utilizing project consultant and engineering subject matter experts on a short-term basis can help your permanent employees stay focused on their core competencies while ensuring the project adheres to deadlines. Many talented engineers have left the “traditional” job market in favor of consulting, because it allows them to focus on their best skills and provides them the freedom to move from project to project.

Are You Looking for Productive Engineering Talent?

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