Not Hearing Back After Applying?


Job searches are incredibly frustrating because you put so many hours into improving your resume, writing a cover letter, researching companies and finding opportunities – and you rarely get much in return. While you realistically can’t expect to hear back from every employer, most job seekers should get a few calls. If you’re not hearing anything at all from your applications, it’s probably time to examine and adjust your approach to determine whether you are making any of these common mistakes.

You’re Applying to The Wrong Jobs

There are times when it is appropriate to apply for jobs where you might be missing one or two skills or requirements; however, if you’re consistently applying for jobs that are out of your league, you’re never going to get a call back. When applying for jobs, be thoughtful. If the posting says five years of experience required and you only have four, it’s probably not a disqualifier. But if the posting says they want 10 years of experience and you only have four, don’t send your resume.

You Didn’t Optimize Your Resume

Most companies use automated software to screen resumes, and those software programs are looking for specific keyword matches. If you don’t take the time to tailor your resume to the posting, you’ll never get past this first screening. Study every posting and ensure your resume includes their keywords on page one. Even if the organization does not use software, human screeners operate in the same way. They are looking for resumes that match their requirements. If your application doesn’t align with what they are looking for, you won’t hear back.

Your Resume Doesn’t Match Your Online Profile

If you aren’t active on LinkedIn, now is the time to get started. Hiring managers will pull up your profile to learn more about you and if you haven’t updated it since 2010, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The details of your online profile should reflect those found in your resume, and in fact, your LinkedIn profile should even be a bit more detailed.

You’re Searching Alone

Job searches can be lonely and demoralizing if you’re doing them on your own. If you aren’t getting called for interviews, it’s easy to become discouraged and throw in the towel. However, you can ease a lot of your strain and increase the chances of finding a great match when you have a professional recruiter working with you.

A niche recruiter will work with you find opportunities that truly align with your skill set and your goals, and they will work with you to help you tailor your resume and improve your interviewing skills, increasing the chances that you’ll end up with a position where you will thrive.

If you are an engineer or technology professional in the Southeast searching out new opportunities and challenges for your career and are ready to work with a recruiter to jumpstart your search, contact the recruiting experts at Selectek today.