The Role of Generation Z in Engineering

You’ve finally figured out how to manage your millennial engineers. You can rest on your laurels now, right? Not so fast. Generation Z is about to enter the workforce, and it’s time to start learning all you can about this new crop of engineering talent as they prepare to graduate.

There has been far less study on Generation Z than the millennials, given the fact these young people are just on the verge of starting their careers. However, we do know a few things about them:

  • They Are Tech Savvy: Gen Z will be the most tech-savvy graduates to ever enter the workforce. They do not know a world without connectivity, and they have been working with screens since preschool. They will learn new technology platforms quickly, and will expect employers to offer the most up-to-date tech available to do their jobs well.
  • They Crave Tech-Based Communication: Generation Z will continue to seek out and thrive on continual communication and feedback on the job. However, they will prefer to communicate electronically, rather than face to face. Technology is the space where they are most comfortable.
  • They Expect Flexibility: The newest crop of young engineering talent will want even more flexibility than millennials. Remember, they grew up in a connected world, and they know work can happen anywhere, anytime. They don’t want to be strapped to the same desk in the same cube day in and day out. They view the outcome of a project with far more importance than where the work happened.
  • They Reject Hierarchy: If you thought millennials were resistant to hierarchy, wait until Generation Z hits the workforce. They are looking for more level egalitarianism than vertical hierarchy.
  • They Are Independent: Though they will crave lots of feedback, this generation is also very independent. They may resist the “old way” of doing things in favor of working through problems themselves and doing things “their way.”
  • They Want Their Individualism to Be Recognized: People in the news media have used the term “snowflakes” to describe the younger generation, and this moniker is rooted in reality. Generation Z has been taught they are unique individuals, and they want to express that individualism in their appearance and their work style. They expect others to adjust to them, not the other way around.

Preparing Your Workforce for Generation Z Engineers

Generation Z will be different than their millennial predecessors; however, there are many similarities between the two which means the culture shock of adding these young workers to your team will be far less than previous years, especially if you prepare now. Young talent is the lifeblood of any engineering firm, and it will be crucial to attract and retain members of Gen Z if you want to remain competitive.

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