Ready to Accept an Offer? Ask Yourself These Questions.

When you receive a formal offer for a position, it’s tempting to just blurt out, “Yes! When can I start?” But a new job is a major life change and you should always take time to reflect on the position before you accept an offer. If you’ve got an offer letter in your hand, stop and ask yourself these three questions before you say yes.

Do You Understand the Job You Will Be Doing?

It is important to have a firm grasp of the role you will be playing with the organization. If you do not have a clear understanding of the job you are being hired to do, your responsibilities or the goals for the role, now is the time to get the answers. Before you say yes make sure you understand:

  • The job title.
  • The tasks you will be doing every day.
  • How your success will be measured.

Review the job description you were given and the offer letter to make sure the details align. If they do not match up to things you discussed in your interviews, get clarification in writing from the hiring manager.

Do You Understand the Salary and Benefits Package?

Study the offer letter to make sure salary and benefits are in line with your discussions throughout the hiring process. Make sure you are clear on any bonus structures and the milestones and goals you must hit in order to achieve them.

It is also important to understand how many paid days you have off each year and how those days are earned or accrued. Finally, review the benefits to make sure they match up to what you were promised, and find out when your health benefits kick in. If you do not understand the compensation structure or benefits package, get clarification before you say yes. If any changes must be made in the offer letter, get those changes updated in writing, in a new letter before accepting.

Will You Fit in With the Team and the Company Culture?

There is nothing more deflating than accepting a position only to discover your work style clashes with those around you or your values are not in line with the values of the organization. Misalignment is the number one reason why people are unhappy with a new job, so it is important to have feel for the environment you are entering.

If you haven’t met your new boss, ask if you can set up a brief meeting with your new supervisor to get a feel for their personality. This should not be a problem for most organizations. Also, take time to browse LinkedIn to see how long people typically stay at the company. High turnover should be taken as a red flag.

Finding your ideal position in today’s job market isn’t always easy. If you want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision, it pays to put an expert in your corner. If you are an engineer or technical professional in the Southeast looking for your ideal position, reach out to the recruiters at Selectek today.