Engineering Job Options: Electronic Technician

Electronic technicians work alongside engineers to help design and develop machinery. They also maintain, troubleshoot and repair equipment. They can be found in a number of industries, but they typically work in manufacturing, engineering services, government, research and development laboratories and the utilities sector.

Required Education and Experience

The path to becoming an electronic technician begins with earning an associate degree in electronic technology. While most positions are considered entry level, employers like to see hands-on experience from new hires. That means that internships, externships and apprenticeships are important for students to gain the experience they need to get their careers off the ground. Some electronic technicians use the experience they gain and the money they earn on the job to continue their education and go on to earn engineering degrees, but many technicians choose to stay in the field, because they enjoy working directly with electronic technology.

Job Outlook

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for electronic technicians in the U.S. is $47,480. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cites a slightly higher figure at $61,130. It is important to remember that Glassdoor aggregates salary based on job postings, so their data is less comprehensive. Salary and benefits packages will vary from job to job based on the size of the organization, its geographic location and the experience of the technician.

The BLS has reported a slight decline in new openings for electronic technicians across the country; however, that number is likely impacted by recent austerity measures imposed on federal, state and local governments who are outsourcing more technical jobs to private organizations in order to keep budgets in line.

Current Job Opportunity for Electronic Technicians

One of Selectek’s client companies in the Norcross, Georgia area is seeking an intermediate-level electronics circuit board technician responsible for testing, troubleshooting and repairing commercial security equipment like cameras and DVRs as well as PCB (printed circuit board) of related equipment to the component level in a high-volume/production driven environment. Candidates should have extensive failure analysis experience and strong component-level repair experience in order to work with the boards. It is essential that the technician be able to not only diagnose the problem, but also fix the issue.

This role also requires documenting processes in order to maintain the repair procedures library and the ability to read schematics and technical drawings. We are seeking a detail-oriented self-starter with at least three years of hands-on experience repairing PCBs, particularly POS & commercial security equipment, who is able to work with and/or without direct supervision.

The position requires a minimum of an associate degree in electronic technology, three or more years of component-level troubleshooting and repair of digital and analog PCB components, strong failure analysis skills and repair skills. Candidates are preferred to have the ability to read schematics and have surface mount soldering or fine pitch soldering experience, as well.

You can learn more about this opportunity and apply online here.

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