Develop an Effective Leadership Style for Your Team

Effective leaders energize people, inspiring them to do their best work and achieve their goals. This is no easy task, especially when it comes to leading extremely diverse teams. If you want to lead your team down the path to success, you must develop a leadership style that balances out the needs of the individuals on the team.

Give Ongoing Feedback to Everyone, Equally

Get together one-on-one with every team member each week, even if it’s only for ten minutes. Touch base with each person, ask them how things are going and take time to deliver feedback. This will not only help you forge relationships with each employee, it will help them manage their performance more effectively. Spend the same amount of time with each team member to ensure equality and avoid the appearance of playing favorites.

Keep Communication Flowing

The fuel that accelerates an office gossip fire is lack of information. Many managers and leaders do not communicate the reasons why something is happening, and that leads to fear. During team meetings, be as open and transparent as possible and allow time for the group to ask questions, answering them to the best of your ability. People are far more willing to trust an honest and transparent leader.

Use Different Communication Tools

You may be a person who prefers email communication, but some of your team members prefer face-to-face interactions, others like the company instant message system, while others will have even different preferences. Give the group the opportunity to choose the methods of communication they are most comfortable with when interacting with you.

Keep Your Door Open

Some managers keep their doors closed because they fear they cannot get their work done if they allow anyone to walk in at any time. However, a closed door makes a leader appear closed off and distances them from the team. Keeping the door open is a sign you are open to the needs and concerns of the group. If need be, close the door for an hour or two each afternoon to focus on core tasks uninterrupted, but make it a policy to keep your door open as much as possible throughout the day.

Lead by Example

Every team is made up of a diverse group of personalities, skills, work styles and values. However, every employee naturally models the behavior they see from their leaders. Set the example and engage in the behaviors you want to see from the group.

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